Take the Green Pledge

We know that mediation is a sustainable, efficient, cost-effective way to resolve disputes and other differences.  As a mediation community, we have talked about how we might mediate climate change issues. We have probably not spent the same amount of time talking about how, as a community, we might address climate change in our own behaviour and practices.

The time has come to address our contribution to the climate emergency facing us all. This pledge outlines concrete steps that each of us can take to reduce the impact of each mediation we conduct upon the climate.

Please sign up below to show your support for this initiative which could, we hope, have a real impact upon our behaviour and fundamentally change the way in which we conduct mediations. The pledge is intended to be broad enough to allow all those involved in mediation to make small changes to our behaviour and to lead the way in responsible mediating. (We acknowledge, as the inspiration for this, the Pledge for Greener Arbitrations by the arbitrator, Lucy Greenwood).

As one supporter writes: “This pledge is a commitment that has no end and whether it is formalised or just remains a contract to myself – it feels really good to have begun it. Thank you for giving me the nudge!

The Pledge:

As a mediator committed to ensuring that I minimise the impact on the environment of every mediation I am involved in, I will ensure that, wherever possible;

  • At all times during the mediation process I will consider and question the need to fly and generally consider the most environmentally friendly way to travel, using public transport wherever feasible;
  • I will offset the carbon emissions of any flights I make to and from mediations while recognising that this is not in any way a substitute for avoiding flying unless necessary;
  • At all times during the mediation process I will only correspond through electronic means unless hard copy correspondence is expressly required in the circumstances;
  • As a mediator, I will not request hard copies of documents to be provided to me unless there is a special need to do so and I will discourage the use of hard copy documents generally;
  • I will encourage parties and their advisers to consider the necessity of participants attending mediation in person if that attendance involves significant travel and is not strictly necessary;
  • As a mediator, I will not travel unnecessarily to pre-mediation meetings and will use screen sharing/video technology instead, and will encourage such use wherever that can deal satisfactorily with ancillary matters in mediation;
  • At mediation venues, I will review the level of air conditioning, heating and other energy use in rooms in which I am mediating;
  • I will consider the appropriateness of travelling to, and my mode of travel to and from, conferences and other events and wherever possible will encourage and use live streaming/remote participation options.
Take the Green Pledge