Core Solutions in Scotland has adopted the Green Pledge and announced a policy of conducting mediations primarily online.  Read Core’s policy wording here.

Andrews Dispute Resolution in the United States offers solely Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) services and is a signatory to the Green Pledge. Their practices include avoiding unnecessary travel, using electronic technology wherever possible and offsetting greenhouse emissions via Tree-Nation’s Offset Website and Plant Trees services. Read their policy here.

Jonathan Lloyd-Jones, a commercial mediator and supporter of the Green Pledge, has for some years not required paper files for mediations.  In this article he explains why he decided to stop receiving paper bundles and some lessons learnt from receiving papers electronically.

Robin Burley ( in Scotland was inspired at a Green Pledge session at Mediate Scotland 2021 to set the pledge in the frame of the pre-mediation dialogue between mediator and parties. To signify this their Green Pledge logo in emails now reads: We will offer ways to lessen our impact on the environment and we welcome your ideas too.