Core Solutions in Edinburgh has adopted this policy:

“Core has conducted all of its many mediations since March 2020 using the online platform Zoom. This has been a remarkably effective means to carry out mediation. Clients and their advisers have, generally, been very comfortable with how this has worked and many satisfactory outcomes have been achieved. People have participated in a variety of ways, from home, from the office, singly or in groups, according to their own individual and collective needs at the time. It has worked particularly well when people are in different locations and do not wish to, or cannot, travel.

At the same time, Core has signed up to the Mediators’ Green Pledge, with a commitment to minimising the environmental impact of each mediation in which we are involved in the ways outlined in the Pledge, including avoiding unnecessary travel and using electronic technology wherever possible. We are also committed to encouraging those with whom we mediate similarly to minimise their carbon emissions. This means that we will seek to reduce, as much as possible, travelling associated with mediations and use of resource-intensive hotel and office accommodation.

The combination of these two factors means that, from now on, Core will offer to conduct mediations primarily online. If the particular circumstances of a matter suggest that the physical presence of the mediator is necessary (for example, where there is emphasis on a personal relationship between parties), we shall of course consider this with clients and their advisers. We are always willing to discuss all aspects of this policy with you.