The Mediators’ Green Pledge is a personal commitment to minimise the impact on the environment of every mediation that we are involved in.

Signatories take a significant first step in committing to the words of the Pledge.

It is for each signatory to decide what the Pledge means for them. But we all know that actions speak louder than words and so, during 2022, we are sharing the Ideas for Action that were inspired by our signatories during our events in November 2021 to coincide with COP26.

So far, we have shared the following:

Idea for Action No 1:  Add the WoMACC logo to your email footer and your website. 

You can also add a link to our website 

Idea for Action No 2: Bring the Green Pledge into at least one of your workplace conversations.

Idea for Action No 3: In your mediations, request that all documents are provided electronically.

Idea for Action No 4: Encourage one other person to sign the Mediators’ Green Pledge.

Idea for Action No 5: Register for our April event…and encourage one other mediator to sign the Pledge and register too.

Details of our April events can be found here

We will add to this list as the ideas are shared throughout the year.