The Mediators’ Green Pledge is a personal commitment to minimise the impact of our work on our planet and our environment.

While it is for each signatory to decide what the Pledge means for them, we all know that actions speak louder than words and so, we are sharing the Ideas for Action that were inspired by our signatories during our events in November 2021 to coincide with COP26.

Your Ideas for Promoting the Pledge:
o Add the Green Pledge logo and a link to to your email signature and website
o Promote the fact that you have signed the Pledge on your website and social media networks o Create a Mediators’ Green Pledge background for on-line meetings and presentations o Invite others to sign the Pledge
o Include a reference to the Pledge in your terms of business and agreements to mediate
o Describe the Pledge and its aims to colleagues, networks, training organisations,
professional and supervisory bodies and clients
o Establish networks for encouraging best practice to implement the Pledge
o Talk about the Pledge at mediation conferences and events
o Encourage professional bodies, networks and organisations to support the Pledge
o Translate the Pledge into your language
o Set new ‘Green Standards’ in the way you run your business
o Lead by example in the way you live and work

Your ideas for mediating online:
o Always consider whether a dispute is suitable for online mediation
o Highlight the benefits of online mediation
o Use the most effective technology to enhance participation by the parties eg JamBoard
& Modron
o Enable parties to get comfortable using online mediation by conducting ‘tech checks’
o Establish networks to enable access to online mediations via public facilities
o Encourage policy changes to regulate use of online platforms and
enable data security

Your ideas for improving your business practices:
o Hold meetings online rather than in person o Request that documents are shared electronically; use dropbox to save on data
o Use electronic signatures o Turn off video screen whenever possible to reduce carbon impact
o Minimise use of paper and printing (if printing, print on both sides)
o Re-use non confidential paper
o Adjust air conditioning/heating to reduce energy consumption
o Minimise single use plastic
o Review catering provision and needs
o Donate/recycle old technology and delay upgrade/replacement of new technology
o Delete unnecessary data storage
o Use a carbon calculator and share results with others
o Offset carbon emissions of business, travel and home
o Send fewer emails
o Reduce consumption generally ie buy less stuff, buy second hand, rent, share, upcycle…
o Choose what we wear responsibly
o Minimise air travel (personal and business) and decline in-person mediations which require travel
o Reduce your use and creation of hardcopy brochures, newsletters, and business cards o Attend, access and present training online