(All times GMT)

0700/1900            Welcome and Introductions   

0710/1910            Practical Examples of the Pledge in Action

0725/1925            Facilitated Breakout Groups 1: 

  • What is the message we are hoping to send about mediation? 
  • What practical steps are we each taking/can we each take as mediators to implement the Pledge? 

0745/1945            Report Back from Groups to Plenary

0800/2000            The Corporate Pledge

0810/2010            Facilitated Breakout Groups 2: 

  • What challenges might we face and how might we overcome them?
  • Promoting the Green Pledge to others: What will we each commit to do and by when?  

0830/2030            Report Back from Groups to Plenary

0840/2040            Keynote address: Lim Tat / William Ury

0900/2100            Close